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Medlab| Sinocare Attendit Exhibiton cum Diabete Cura Products

Tempus: 2022, 04 28, hits: 13

From January 24th to 27th, 2022 Medlab Middle East was held as scheduled at Dubai World Trade Centre, Sinocare international sales team and the Indian subsidiary team went to Dubai for participation , overcoming the pandemic. As an important part of the Arab International Medical Equipment Exhibition, Medlab crowd surging, which arracted visitors from more than 50 countries.

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Sinocare has set up a 36-square-meter raw space booth with the theme of "the world's leading metabolic disease detection expert", and brought a series of industry-leading products to the exhibition, like home-use multi-function detection products for chronic diseases such as Blood glucose monitor,blood lipid monitor,uric acid monitor, etc., as well as professional chronic disease screening equipment, named iCARE-2100, which is portable automatic multi-function analyzer. The latest launched HPALC series products and the leading blood glucose and uric acid detector SPUG also made a surprise appearance at this exhibition in advance. Sinocare’s multi-series, multi-functional and multi-scenario  chronic disease management products will make contribution to the medical treatment in China and even in the world. Collaboration in the healthcare industry can help on the self-management of chronic diseases such as diabetes.
The current pandemic does not affect the enthusiasm of professional audiences at all. Sinocare team has accepted many customers from Africa,  Middle East and Latin America for visit, who gave a high praise to our multi-function chronic disease detection products, which are convenient for home use as well.. Meanwhile, our portable automatic multi-function analyzer iCARE-2100 has  attracted a lot of attention. Many customers signed trial orders during exhibition after experiencing it.
Nunc, Sinocare producti ad 136 regiones et regiones circum orbem terrarum exportatae sunt, et negotia transmarina constanter his annis creverunt, paulatim fama "Sinocare" in mercatis transmarinis aucta. Vide iterum ad Medlab MMXXIII!